Product catalogue

 Here you can see our product catalogue. You will find in depth information about each of our delightful selected products. This way you will obtain information of all of them from among our catalogue. We recomend 2-3 product from each brand.

 We primarily work with three major brands wich follow very similar methods to prepare their coldhams, respecting the leones mountain traditions in their production, but yet each ones keeps a singular secret that makes them unique. These brands are Tavito, Las Bodas and Vegarada.

 We want to expand our catalogue with other highest quality products in the Gourmet or Delicatessen section such as queeses, oils and duck derivated products.

 As an informative note, we would like to show you the cutting up of our animals so you can see where the meat comes from. We'll show you the porcine, bonine and caprine cutting up.


Online catalogue here.


 Thanks for you confidence.




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